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countertop restoration

Countertop restoration involves eliminating etch marks, deep scratches, and imperfections present in the stone surface. Opting for this process can help you save thousands of dollars compared to replacing your countertops entirely.

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Cleaning Soap Bubbles

Our method involves using hot steam extraction, starting with the application of a specially formulated pre-spray that not only eliminates bacteria but also enhances the carpet's appearance and softens the fibers. Utilizing machinery equipped with numerous bristles, we meticulously extract embedded hair and intensify the cleaning process. Our flat rate pricing covers stains, hair removal, and a deodorizer, as we are committed to delivering a thorough clean for each client. Emphasizing eco-friendliness and pet safety, all our products are environmentally friendly and pet-friendly.

How long does a mechanical polish last?

Cleaning Soap Bubbles
Cleaning Soap Bubbles

A mechanical polish applied to countertops can endure a lifetime, retaining its shine indefinitely unless new etch marks and scratches are introduced. The chosen level of shine remains constant over time.

Should i seal my countertops?

The primary step in preserving your natural stone countertops is the application of a professional-grade sealant. Sealants obtained from big box stores typically endure only 6 months to 1 year. In contrast, our in-house sealers are guaranteed to last 4-5 years and provide effective repellency against all liquids. It's essential to have a professional apply a sealant every 4-5 years to maintain the integrity of the stone.


The pricing for a deep clean and seal for countertops follows a flat-rate pricing model, with no additional fees ever incurred.

For refinishing countertops, the pricing is determined per pad used. The number of pads required depends on the desired level of shine. Deep cleaning and sealing are always included in this service.

Cleaning Soap Bubbles
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