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hardwood cleaning

Hardwood and Engineered Wood has natural grooves within the face of the plank. Oftentimes, dirt can become trapped and hard to clean. However, with a low-moisture deep cleaning method, you can maintain your hardwood floors to look as pristine as they did on the day of installation.

Image by Francesca Tosolini


Cleaning Soap Bubbles

Our cleaning process utilizes specialized machinery designed specifically for hardwood surfaces. We start by applying a neutral pH-formulated solution, lightly misting it across the floor. Our machinery then meticulously scrubs every inch, including the grooves, effectively lifting dirt to the surface. Finally, we use high-powered suction to ensure that no residue is left behind, leaving your hardwood floors thoroughly clean and refreshed.


Our pricing is based on a flat rate per square foot. In cases where certain furniture cannot be moved, we will measure around it, ensuring that you are only charged for the areas that we clean.

Cleaning Soap Bubbles

establishing your maintenance routine

We suggest utilizing our Peachy Products Hardwood Cleaner to uphold the cleanliness of your floor. To do so, spray directly onto the desired area and wipe away with a microfiber mop. It's important to note that our Peachy Products Luxury Vinyl Cleaner has a neutral pH balance, which means it is completely safe and gentle. Our Peachy Products Hardwood Cleaner can be found here

Cleaning Soap Bubbles
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