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luxury vinyl cleaning

Luxury Vinyl Plank offers a modern substitute for hardwood flooring, boasting scratch prevention, water resistance, and remarkable durability. While aiming to mimic the appearance of hardwood, it features artificial grooves on its surface. These grooves, however, tend to trap dirt effectively, posing a challenge for conventional mopping methods.

Luxurious Kitchen


Our approach utilizes a specially formulated solution designed to tackle bacteria and dirt accumulation. We apply this formula as a light mist directly onto the plank and employ machinery equipped with thousands of bristles. These bristles rotate continuously to dislodge and remove dirt and grime from the grooves. Subsequently, we extract using a high-powered suction mechanism, resulting in floors that appear as good as new. Importantly, our method is entirely low-moisture, ensuring minimal impact on the flooring.

how can I maintain my vinyl at home?

We suggest utilizing our Peachy Products Luxury Vinyl Cleaner to uphold the cleanliness of your floor. To do so, spray directly onto the desired area and wipe away with a microfiber mop. It's important to note that our Peachy Products Luxury Vinyl Cleaner has a neutral pH balance, which means it is completely safe and gentle. Our Peachy Products Luxury Vinyl Cleaner can be found here

Bring your Luxury Vinyl back to life!

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