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saltillo refinishing

Saltillo is a stunning southwestern tile that is both eco-friendly and naturally derived. When adequately sealed and maintained, it stands out as one of the most durable and long-lasting flooring options. With the application of a top-notch sealer, this floor can maintain its integrity for up to 15 years before requiring resealing.

Saltillo Flooring

OUR TRUSTED saltillo refinishing METHOD

Cleaning Soap Bubbles
Cleaning Soap Bubbles
Cleaning Soap Bubbles
Cleaning Soap Bubbles
Cleaning Soap Bubbles

Our approach includes the use of a potent stripping agent to efficiently eliminate the thick topical wax coating applied previously. The duration of this process depends on the square footage and the number of coats present, taking a few days to complete. After stripping the coating, we conduct a thorough deep cleaning of the tile surface and grout lines using hot steam extraction, ensuring the removal of all dirt, dust, and bacteria. Subsequently, we apply multiple coats of a new coating, and the level of shine desired determines the number of coats applied.

How long does this process take?

The time required for this process depends on the total square footage of the residence, varying from a minimum of two days to a full week.


Our pricing is based on a flat rate per square foot, covering previous coating removal, deep cleaning, and a fresh new layer of coating. In cases where certain furniture cannot be moved, we will measure around it, ensuring that you are only charged for the areas that we clean.

Begin, Again with brand new floors!

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