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Cleaning Soap Bubbles
Cleaning Soap Bubbles

upholstery cleaning

Upholstery is the second most used in a home. We frequently use it for sleeping, relaxing, and dining, exposing it to repeated contact. Within the fabric's fibers, thousands of germs and bacteria can reside. Therefore, maintaining regular cleanliness is essential to prevent the spread of diseases and ensure overall hygiene.

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Our method involves a comprehensive analysis of the upholstery fabric. Once we identify the material, we apply specially formulated products designed to eliminate bacteria, improve the upholstery's appearance, and soften the fibers. Our hand bristles are specifically crafted for collecting hair, while simultaneously agitating the cleaning product. The final step involves hot steam extraction to remove bacteria, oils, and hair from the upholstery. Additionally, our services always include stain and hair removal, along with a deodorizer, as part of our commitment to providing a thorough cleaning experience for every client. Emphasizing eco-friendliness and pet safety, all our products are environmentally friendly and safe for pets.

drying times

We utilize low-moisture tools, ensuring that your upholstery is nearly dry by the completion of our service. It will be fully dry within two hours after the cleaning process.


Our pricing is based on a flat rate per square foot, covering stain removal, hair extraction, and deodorizing services. We thoroughly clean every side of each cushion and the base of the upholstery, ensuring that every inch is attended to!

What exactly is a protectant, and what is its significance?

Cleaning Soap Bubbles
Cleaning Soap Bubbles

Once a professional cleaning is completed, the factory coating is stripped from the fibers, making the fabric more susceptible to stain penetration and potential color transfers from clothing. We strongly recommend considering our professional-grade protectant service post-cleaning. The factory coating serves as a binding agent, providing resistance against liquids, all types of stains, and dust. 

Cleaning Soap Bubbles
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